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spring vegetables

spring vegetable paella 2 large fennel bulbs trimmed cut into 8 wedges, 2 tblspns fennel frondsw chopped, 375 grams baby carrotspeeled, 250 grams turnips peeled and diced,  250 grems red potaotes halved, 1/4 cup olive oil, 3 tblspns olive oil, 1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped,  1 tblspn fresh parsley, 4 garlic cloveds chopped, 1 tblspon paprika, 1 tspn saffron threads crushed,  1 tspn salt, , 1 onionchopped, 4 plum tomatoes chopped, 2 1/2 cups arbori rice, 440 grams vegetable stock, 2 cups wter, 3/4 cup dry white wine, 500 grams asparagus sliced, 1 cup canned garbanzo beans or chick peas Prheat the oven to 230c. Toss fennel bulbs, carrots, turnips, potatoes and 1/4 cup oil in large bowl.  Sprinkle generosuly with salt and pepper.  Transfer to large rimmed baking sheet.  Roast until tender snf brown around edges, for about 1 hour.  Finely mince parsley and garlic together.  Transfer to small; bowl.  Stir in parika, saffrona and 1 teaspoon salt.  Heat 3 tablespoons oil in large frypan  over medium-high heat.  Add onion and saute until soft for about 8 minutes.  Add toamtoes saute for 2 minutes.  Add rice and parsley mixture, stir for 2 minutes.  Stir in broth, water and wine bringb to boil.  Reduce heat to low, cover and sim mer for 15 minutes.  Stir in asparagus, garbanzo beans and roasted vegetables.  Increase bheat to medium-low cover and simmer until liquid is absorbed, strring often about 20 minutes.  Season paella with salt and pepper.  Trnasfer to large platter.  Sprinkle with fennel fronds and remaining parsley.    Enjoy


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new year 2010

To all my readers a Happy New Year. 

I have created Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring recipe books.  You can order four books for price of three books.

I have created the Lemon Savory cook book for your enjoyment.  Thankyou for your support. My goal is to make cooking enjoyable

and interesting for the whole family.

Enjoy a sample from the Lemon savory recipe book

LEMON SCENTED SALMON BURGER                                                                                                   

 500 grams salmon fillets minced, 125 grams breadcrumbs, 1 spring onion finely chopped, 1 clove garlic finely chopped, grates zest and juice of 1 small lemon, salt and pepper, little oil and butter for frying, 4 burger buns, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, 4 tblspns crème fraiche with lemon zest added, chopped chives                                                                                                                                                                    

Add breadcrumbs, spring onion and garlic to salmon season and moisten with lemon juice. Form into patties. Chill for at least one hour. Fry burgers in oil and butter mixture or, if preferred, cook on barbecue. Place on toasted buns with lettuce and tomato. Top with a spoonful of crème fraiche and sprinkle with chopped chives. Substitutions: Trout 

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friday freebie cherry recipes

Its cherry time here are some exciting recipes


225 grams plain flour, 180 grams cold unsalted butter chopped, 1 tblspn castor sugar, 1 egg yolk mixed with 2 tblspns cold water, 2 egg whites, 110 grams castor sugar extra, 250 grams cherries, Chocolate-Cherry Filling: 400 grams dark chocolate chopped, 160 grams unsalted butter, chopped, 6 egg yolks, 1 egg, 85 grams castor sugar, 250 grams cherries stoned

Process plain flour, unsalted butter and castor sugar in food processor until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add egg yolk mixture just starts to come together. Transfer to a lightly floured surface and knead gently to form a disc. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. On a lightly floured surface, roll out pastry until large enough to line a round 28cm tart tin with removable base. Line pastry with baking paper, fill with dried beans or rice and bake blind at 180c for 20 minutes. Remove paper and beans and bake for further 10 minutes.

Chocolate-Cherry Filling: Melt dark chocolate and butter in top of double saucepan or in a heatproof bowl over simmering water until smooth. Remove from heat. Combine egg yolks, egg and castor sugar in large bowl and using electric mixer, beat until thick and pale. Fold chocolate mixture and cherries into egg mixture and mix well. Pour mixture into tart base and bake at 180c for 30 minutes or until tart is firm in the center when lightly shaken. Cool on a wire rack. Place egg whites in a bowl and whisk lightly to combine. Place extra castor sugar on flat plate. Dip each cherry, one at a time into egg white, allow excess to drip off, then dip in extra, into egg white, allow excess to drip off, then dip in castor sugar and place on top of cooled tart. Tart will keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Serves 4.


3 chicken breasts, ½ cup plain flour, ¼ tblspn thyme crumbled, salt, pepper, milk, vegetable oil, 1½ cups cherries stoned and chopped, 1/8 cup brown sugar, ¾ cup castor sugar, ¼ tblspn yellow mustard ground

Split, skin and rinse chicken breasts. Combine plain flour, thyme, salt and pepper. Dip chicken in milk, then in plain flour mixture, coating evenly. Brown chicken on all sides in hot oil in large fry pan. Remove chicken from fry pan, place in single layer on large baking pan. Bake covered for 30 minutes. Prepare cherry glaze: Drain cherries, reserving liquid. In a saucepan combine drained cherries, 3 cups cherry liquid water or chicken stock. vegetable oil, brown sugar and castor sugar. Bring cherry mixture to a boil over medium heat. Add mustard; mix well. Continue cooking at a rapid boil for 5 minutes or until sauce is syrupy. After chicken has cooked 30 minutes spoon cherry glaze evenly over chicken. Return chicken uncovered to the oven. Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until chicken is tender. Serve immediately.

cherry recipe book

cherry recipe book

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savoury lemon recipes

LEMON ZUCCHINI VICHYSSOISE 1 large leek bulb washed well and finely chopped, ¾ cup onion peeled and finely chopped, 1 tblspn minced garlic, 2 tblspns olive oil, 250 grams russet potatoes peeled and cubed, 1½ zucchinis sliced thinly, 1 tspn salt, ½ tspn ground pepper, 3 cups low salt chicken broth, 1/3 cup cream, 1 tblspn fresh lemon juice to taste, iced cold water Discard leek stalk – use green part only. In a large heavy saucepan, heat oil. Cook leek, onion, and garlic with salt and pepper to taste over medium-low heat, stirring until leek softens. Add potato, zucchini and broth to leek mixture. Simmer covered for 15 minutes or until potato is very tender. Blend in a blender until very smooth. Stir in cream, lemon juice and extra salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight. Soup will thicken overnight. Just before serving, thin soup slightly with ice cold water. Garnish with a thin slice of lemon.

BAKED LEMON CHICKEN 4 boneless chicken breasts, ½ cup butter, 1/3 cup lemon juice, ½ cup plain flour, ½ cup minced onion peeled, 1 clove garlic minced, 1 tspn salt, 1 tspn pepper Bone and pound the chicken breasts. Dredge with plain flour. Melt the butter in a baking pan. Coat chicken on all sides, turning skin side up if not boneless. Bake at 190c, brushing with pan drippings for 30 minutes. Make the lemon baste, where you mix 1/3 cup lemon juice, onion, garlic and salt and pepper. Brush chicken with part of the baste, and bake, brushing with the remaining baste for 30 minutes longer or until done. Serve with rice and a vegetable.

lemon recipe book volume 2

lemon recipe book volume 2

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What to do with lemons using savoury recipes

Have you ever though about using lemons in savory way Try this recipe ROAST LEMON CHICKEN
1.5 kgs chicken 1 small garlic clove,  salt, pepper 2 tblspns olive oil, 2 tblspns olive oil, fresh parsley chopped cut up one lemon into eight pieces. Rub the outside of chicken put the lemon and garlic inside the chicken.  Rub with salt, pepper, olive oil and butter cook at 160c for 1 1/2 Hours.   Summer is coming what better way to save money with healthy lemon cordial home made Old Fashioned Lemon Cordial  12 cups water, 1.5 kgs castor sugar, 30 grams citric acid, 2 1/2 cups strained lemon juice In large saucepan boil water and castor sugar for 5 minutes, remove and stir in citric acid, when cool stir in lemon juice,  Pour into bottle and seal serve with water and 1-2 tablespoons lemon cordial.  Very refreshing on hot day. Happy cooking and using lots of lemons

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Friday Freebie

MACKEREL with BEETROOT and ORANGE                                                                            
4 small or 2 large mackerel, 2 tblspns seasoned flour, 4 tblspns olive oil, 500 grams beetroot, cooked until tender and grated, 
grated rind of 2 oranges, juice of 2 oranges, 2 tblspns horseradish grated
Fillet the mackerel and coat the fillers in seasoned flour. In a frying pan, heat the oil on a high heat.  
Put in the mackerel, cut side down first and fry them until they are golden brown on both sides, turning once.  
Remover and keep them warm.  Lower the heat to moderate.  Stir in the grated beetroot the orange rind and the horseradish 
and heat them through.  Raise the heat again, quickly stir in the orange juice and bring it to the boil.  
Pour the beetroot mixture over the mackerel and serve.

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